Nov 11, 2010

Elyana & Khairul ( Save The Date)

Salam Wbt..
"A true Love story of Erneelya Elyana & Khairul "
presented by CSTProduction

This is base A True Love Story. Everybody have there love story to memories. And now CST proudly present Save The Date video for Wedding Elyana & Khairul. And CST proudly announce that we are official cinematographer for their wedding. Keep refreshing for more interesting video from us.

Cinematography: ROSLI MOHAMED, dan dibantu oleh ZABIDI ALI.& Rb Cinematography
The Making : KUSYAIRI
Editor : RIFA'IEE

So Enjoy! Thanks for watching


sayaidaydotcom said...

love this!!!!:)

zirconia said...

it's awesome. tapi ada sikit cela sebab ada words in english yg salah eja dan struktur ayat tak berapa betul. it would be excellent kalau you guys edit sikit wordings dia. just sharing my thoughts. btw, nice shots & great video :D

yaya said...

oww! Ive been repeating watching this and it reminds me on my story with fiancee. would love to share my story with you. ive sent you a mail for appointment. :)

Shasha Saad said...

i love this songs. both. lagu apakah? great job guys. definitely hire u guys when i get married one day! love love. lagu ape???

Hazzy Ishak said...

i love this video.